Official Records.

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What counties currently participate in the official records ordering service?

You can check statewide participation by county here.

What types of records are available?

You can view a table of available records here.

What's the best way to search for a document?

Our search engine only returns exact matches. For this reason, we recommend that you start with broad keywords. For example, say you are looking for "Joe Franklin, mortgage, Marion County, Jan 20 1995 - Jan 21 1995". You should first try searching for "Franklin". If this returns too many results, try adding a first name or county. Continue narrowing your search parameters until you find the record you need. If you are still having trouble, try adding or removing punctuation (periods, commas, hyphens, etc.).

Can I find historical documents in your database?

The time spans for our database varies depending on the specific county and type of record. To determine the database coverage for a particular record type or county click here.

Shipment & Delivery

How will my documents be shipped?

You may have your documents shipped via regular US Mail, Fax, and Overnight/Expedited Delivery.

How much does shipping cost?

You will be charged $0.75 per shipment. Note that if your order includes documents from multiple counties, you will be charge $0.75 per county. Overnight shipping costs $15.00.

How much does it cost to have my records faxed?

Faxing costs between $0.25 and $0.75 per page. Click here for more details.

How long will it take to process my order?

Your request will be immediately transmitted to the appropriate Clerk of Court Office for processing. The Clerk Offices typically process orders within 2 business days including fax orders.

What are my shipping options?

Your shipping options include: USPS, Fax, and Overnight/Expedited Service. You may choose different shipping options for each county from which you have ordered records.

When can I expect my overnight package to arrive?

Overnight shipments are typically delivered by noon the next business day. But overnight shipping may take two days for some rural areas.

Can I have my official records faxed?

Yes. Please note, however, that fax service is not available for these counties: DeSoto, Flagler, Franklin, Lee, Manatee and Palm Beach. Additionally, Suwannee county will fax a maximum of 10 pages.

Is there an additional fee for overnight shipping?

Yes. You will be charged an additional $15 per order. Note that if your order contains documents from multiple counties, you will be charged $15 by each individual county.

Why do I have to pay multiple shipping fees?

If your order contains records from multiple counties, there will be a shipping charge assessed by each county.

Certified Records

What is a certified record?

A certified record is stamped and signed by the Clerk of Court.

How do certified records differ from uncertified records?

Uncertified records are exactly the same as certified records except they are not signed and stamped by the Clerk of Court.

Is there an additional fee for certified records?

Yes. You will be charged an extra $2.00 fee for each certified record you order.


How much do official records cost?

You will be charged $1 per page. Note that you will also be charged a shipping fee and a convenience fee. Click here for more details.

How do I receive confirmation of my order?

You will receive an email confirmation immediately after placing your order.

When will I receive a receipt for my order?

You will receive a receipt via email once the Clerk of Court ships your order.

How can I pay?

You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

How can I determine the total price of my order?

Your total price is comprised of official record fee + shipping fee + convenience fee.

Why hasn't my credit/debit card been charged?

Your card will not be charged until the Clerk of Court ships your order.

Why do I have multiple charges on my card?

If you order records from multiple counties, your card will be charged once by each county.

What if my order cannot be shipped?

If your order cannot be shipped, your card will not be charged. You will never be charged until your order has been shipped.

What are the benefits of subscription?

Subscribers receive a discounted convenience fee. Also, they are billed monthly rather than immediately after each order. Click here for more details.

How much is the convenience fee?

For non-subscribers the convenience fee is between $3.50 and $13.00. Subscribers receive a fixed discounted rate of $2.00. Click here for more details.

Reference IDs

What is a reference ID?

Reference IDs are an optional field for subscription customers to assist with accounting and managerial reporting functions. Before submitting a search request, you can use the reference ID field to input a customer name, account number, department name, account executive, etc. This may help you organize your record orders.

How can I use reference IDs for accounting purposes?

Your online billing summary for subscription services will provide not only a total of any fees you have incurred, but also provide sub-totals per Reference ID.

How are reference ID number displayed on my bill?

Reference ID sub-totals are available only through the online billing summary. They are not displayed on other invoicing statements.

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